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Ron Luscinski, Director (Mission Cannot Fail)


“Having both directed Sarah-Jane and acted opposite her, it’s hard to say which I enjoyed more.  She’s fantastically present, deeply intuitive and endlessly clever.  You couldn’t ask for a better collaborator.”   

"Sarah-Jane is a unique talent whose performances resonate with great depth and delight the audience with the subtle nuances that truly bring a character to life. She is a dream to work with on set and her professional approach includes great preparation and a contagious brand of enthusiasm."


David Dean Bottrell, Actor (Mad Men, True Blood, Boston Legal)

"I've been fortunate enough to work with Sarah-Jane on a number of occasions. From a director's point of view, she is an exceptionally talented actor, and her beautiful on-camera looks are underpinned with a consistent ability to bring great depth, strength, and an unerring sense of truth to the characters she plays. A truly outstanding talent."

Rob Hollocks, Director/Producer (Oddlands Productions)

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah-Jane in my web series Broken At Love. She gave one of the best Guest Star performances in the series with her natural comedic timing and ability to make the words jump off the page. What impressed me most about her was her ability to physically transform into the character and the endless amount of choices she made, both physically and with the dialogue, it was a joy to act opposite of her and direct her."

Karolina Sivas, Director/Producer/Writer (Brown Eyed Girl Productions)

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