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eNewsletter NOV
I love this quote. It was bouncing about social media last week and amidst the anger and fear and sorrow of the election results (from both sides) it was a beacon of hope, especially for people like us; artists and creators. We could choose to feel fear and proclaim this a time for change, but in all honestly, when is it not a time for change, and when do we not fear it? ...
eNewsletter APRIL
It's Spring! Time for a clean-up! Want to give yourself a little glow? Here's a fun commercial I shot for Jafra skincare. (Click the image below to view.) ...
eNewsletter MARCH
From grotesque to glamorous, Feature film Who's Driving Doug premiered at The Vintage Theatre in Loz Feliz on Friday. The film is funny and moving and the writing is very personal, vulnerable and brave. Look out for me as RJ Mitte's nurse in a couple of fun scenes in the second half of the film. Who's Driving Doug is currently screening in select cinemas nationally and on VOD...
eNewsletter JAN
Feature film 'Who's Driving Doug' (starring R.J. MItte of Breaking Bad fame, and Daphne Zuniga, Jo from Melrose Place) is making its worldwide premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February, with more dates to follow. I'm very excited to see this award-winning script come to life under the careful guidance of Director David Michael Conley...
eNewsletter NOV
This month I was honored to be the model for the creation of the lead character in an upcoming dramatic/sci-fi feature film shooting in early 2016. Building on my recent zombie expererience, the film is a dramatic love story that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The images taken will form the basis for the initial visualization of the character, born from the mind of creative genius and renowned concept artist: Miles Teves...
eNewsletter OCT
"GRAAAIINNSSS" (That's what vegan zombies eat!) Super proud of this short film, and happy to announce that WE WON the Shriekfest 2015 Promo Competition. Us ethe link below to see the full 60 seconds in all its beautiful, gory detail: (password: shriekfest2015) ...
eNewsletter SEPT
The summer days are getting briefer, so I'll keep this month's update short 'n sweet! Feature Film 'All I Want', a little red carpet fun and a little tool that has helped me get more Zzzz's! ...
eNewsletter JUL
Planning to use AirBnB for your summer vacation? I'm performing in a staged reading of a brand new one-act play called 'Stay Away' that looks at the pros and cons of subletting in a rather hilarious way. Come on down this Tuesday evening (7/21) and laugh along with us...
eNewsletter FEB
It was a sincere pleasure to shoot a promotional video with 'Mr. Marvel' this month. Mr. Stan Lee, 'The King of Cameos', is the epiphany of 'Old Hollywood'; he's only eight years from celebrating a century on this planet, and he oozes charm, charisma and professionalism. 
eNewsletter JAN
With another print booking this month, for a Los Angeles based clothing line, I'm now an actor/model. (A 'slashy' if you geek out about Zoolander like I do!) Look out Giselle.....ahem.....maybe not, but I did have a super fun time!
eNewsletter DEC
This Christmas, revenge is coming to town! I am oh-so proud to play a part in this extremely well written and produced short film 'It's a Wonderful Knife' which premieres just in time for the Holidays this Thursday evening at 9:30pm at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. 
eNewsletter SEPT
Short film 'Always A Bridesmaid' is unique in the sense that there is no signed dialog and very little spoken word, thus making it fully accessible to international audiences (crossing language barriers) as well as the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing. I play Amanda, the lead‘s best friend and fellow wedding planner. The 3-day shoot was a humbling and valuable experience, working with a primarily deaf cast and crew required intense focus and concentration and was a great lesson in acting and communication in general.
eNewsletter AUG
This month, for the very first time, I took part The Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival. It's a competition for teams of filmmakers to write, producer, shoot, and edit a short film within 48 hours. I'm a huge believer in restraints in any creative endeavor; it's from these limitations that creativity flourishes and this experience only confirmed this theory. Our team of 20 or so cast and crew were strangers at 8am on the Saturday, and the closest buddies by nights-fall at 8pm. 
eNewsletter JUNE
I had an amazing day on set of the Feature Film ‘Who’s Driving Doug’, acting opposite the extremely intelligent, talented and somewhat cheeky R.J. Mitte of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame. The film revolves around a wheelchair-bound recluse (Mitte) who takes a road trip with his new driver (Ray William Johnson of ‘Equal’s Three’) that transforms their lives throughout the journey. It also stars Daphne Zuniga (original Melrose Place) and the sweet, beautiful Paloma Kwiatkowski (Bate’s Motel), both of whom I was lucky enough to share some scenes with too.
eNewsletter MAY


Sci-Fest 2014 has been a huge success so far and critics are raving:


"Evening B begins with a poignant piece by writer Chie-Hoon Lee entitled 'For the Living,' and it is easily THE BEST ONE-ACT OF THE NIGHT. Dealing with the human cloning of a loved one, the relatable, yet mind-blowing, scenario is the perfect start to the show and instantly lets the audience know they are in for a night of theater like nothing they’ve seen before."
- Bryant Dillon, FanBoyComics


“AN INSPIRED NOTION…After seeing the First Annual Sci-Fest, rest assured you’ll be hoping for a Second Annual Sci-Fest, and more after that.”

- The Hollywood Reporter

eNewsletter MARCH


You can't imagine how thrilled I am to have been asked back for another episode of RAKE (and yes, it involved much, crazy, happy dancing). I love the show and adore the people who make it! It was another fabulous day on set as Susie (the Reporter) and I hope you'll check out the episode (#1.9) when it airs March 20 on Fox. Another HUGE thanks to those wonderful ladies (Rebecca, Wendy and Emily) at Creative Casting.
eNewsletter JANUARY


"I used your a** to support our mission." That's only one of the deliciously naughty, super-villain lines I get to purr in my lead role in Feature Film 'Loyalty'. Production started in December and finishes this month. Spoiler Alert: I play the seemingly perfect BFF of my co-lead, who turns out to be not quite the person you expect! Big thanks to the always-lovely Casting Director (and co-Producer for this project), Mark Sikes.
eNewsletter NOVEMBER


I am so very happy to have booked a super fun role in the premiere episode of Fox's new 1-hour dramedy 'Rake'. An incredibly friendly and welcoming crew, lead by none other than the Sam Raimi (a delight to work with btw!). If that wasn't enough, my scenes are opposite Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Greg Kinnear, who is as open, friendly and giving as you might expect. Also, a big shout out to Rebecca, Wendy and Emily; the lovely ladies at Creative Casting. Look out for 'Rake' in January.

eNewsletter SEPTEMBER


So very happy to have booked a great role on a Feature Film called 'A Horse Story'. It's a fantastic tale that centers around a young girl and her talking horse! We shot in Arizona last month, and I could write for paragraphs about the amazing crew and fellow cast involved, especially director JJ Rogers and Producer Frank Mora, and Wonder Woman (and Casting Director) Catrina Kopell. Release Info to follow...


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